The Game Plan Pt. 1

Over the next week, Nicole and I will start posting more about the game plan for the future. We have shared our hearts and revealed the why, now it’s time to reveal the specifics, such as how do we plan to do this, who are we going to do this with, where are we going to start, what are we going to teach, and so on. We will do this in three parts, hopefully giving you guys a fuller picture of what this is going to look like. The first part is actually not written by either of us, it’s a post from our brother in Christ, Emmanuel Muuo. Emmanuel is a mighty man of God, and a native Kenyan himself. It it wasn’t for Emmanuel, I am not sure that Nicole and I would be starting our journey in Kenya. He was an answer to prayer, and I mean that literally. One night, Nicole and I were talking about our future, we knew we wanted to start our mission work in Africa but had no specific destination in place. Our solution? Prayer of course! Both of us prayed to God, asking Him where we should start. We then patiently waited for His response. Not even a day later I run into a friend and we get to talking and I reveal Nicole and I’s heart for missions. He mentions that he was actually planning on going on a 10 day mission trip to Kenya with a couple of other students from the college and that anyone was welcome to come. Numbers were exchanged, and a few days later we met with Emmanuel. We talk, decide to join the 10 day trip, and there we were, part of a group going to Kenya. The story gets better, after deciding to join the group, we went back to God in prayer. I am not a man that believes things like that are just coincidences, so we pray to God asking if Kenya was the place He wanted us to start, asking if Kenya was the answer to our prayer. The next few weeks we met with Emmanuel, shared our hearts, our dreams, our desires, and as we did, God answered our prayers again. I love answered prayers! Emmanuel is playing a big part in  us having a place to stay, and having connections in Kenya. He is going to help us extend  our work in Kenya after the 10 days that he is with us, to however long God needs us there. He is going to help us get started our long term journey over there. He truly was an answer to a prayer, but more than that, he is a true brother in Christ.

So that’s why for this post, I wanted our supporters to hear from Emmanuel himself. Emmanuel is one of Nicole’s fellow peers at college, and is the leader of a missionary group called, “The Willing.” A group that we are part of, and is who we will start off our missionary journey  with. His post is not relatively long, but gives insight into our group, “The Willing,” and some of the things we hope to accomplish on our 10 day trip together.  And now from Emmanuel himself:


Since the year 2010 God gave me the desire to form missions group in Kenya. I had a passion of seeing people surrender their life to Jesus and I had a strong pull towards compassion for the Lost. Due to that I founded a mission group in Kenya called DESTINY YOUTH FOR CHRIST(DYFC).This group has done a tremendous job in spreading the gospel in different places in Kenya majoring our focus on the Maasai community which still lives indigenously and less civilised. They are faced with challenges like;-
1.High levels of Illiteracy,
2.Still practice Female Genital Mutilation(FGM).
3. Poverty is rampant since they still believe in polygamy.
Every time I have gone for missions on those areas i have witnessed God do wonders and bring change mostly in the young generation and the old too. It has been very effective and successful. I am looking forward to seeing more destinies changed and thats why i extended the call to enlarge the mission efforts and hence THE WILLING MISSION GROUP was born. I believe through this group, most people in the community will be transformed and changed.

We are called and commissioned to go make disciples of all nations. We will proclaim the Gospel to those who have never heard it. We are willing and purposed to do what it takes to spread the Gospel. To lead people into relationship with Jesus Christ, teach them what it means to follow Him, encourage them into maturity in Christ, see the sick healed, captives free and the dead raised to life. The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. We have willingly answered the call to be labourers for God’s Kingdom.
We will preach and live the Gospel, give to those in need, provide bibles in their language, build relationship and share Jesus with the lost.
Currently a team of seven missionaries have confirmed to be part of this mission. The mission will begin on 27th November 2016. It will include university visits, High school visits and then Door to Door evangelism in the Maasai Community.
We need a minimum of 15,000 dollars for the trip budget (including food, resources and bibles to give out to the community). We will work hand in hand with the churches on the ground to ensure most people are reached.
The group is still open and anyone willing to Join us feel free to let us know and we will give you the details. We’ve also uploaded photos and videos that will help you understand more about this community.
God bless you as you pray and support us too.



You can also find this on our fundraising page,, along with some pictures of the places we will be going. This was the first of three posts, part II of the game plan will include our plans for after the 10 day trip is over, and part III will cover the how. God willing, we can roll this out over the next week. Thank you guys so much for your support and your prayers. One thing I hope this post was able to show is that God does answer prayers and even if you can’t support us financially, your prayers do more than you could imagine. It was Nicole and I’s prayers that led us to Emmanuel, and ultimately to Kenya, and who knows where it could lead after that? Don’t underestimate your prayer, I hope as you guys pray for us, we can show you guys how much your prayers have done. They are already playing such a huge factor, so don’t give up!


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